The Reformation 2016 Washington D.C Outreach Testimonies 

What has been the impact for them from their own lips

I pray you’re doing well. Just wanted to let you know that I think what you’ve begun (by the grace of God) with the Reformation 2016 movement is great and a blessing. My prayers are with you. Even though the Together 2016 event was cut short, I believe this was only the beginning. Even if it was just one soul saved, it was worth it. Hoping to see this continue and build momentum as the work needs to be finished.


I thank God for your ministry and pray that the Lord will continue to bless and keep u as u share His word! It is my prayer also that He will multiply your help! 🙂


It was truly a blessing and I thank the Lord for me and my wife being able to come out and support. It has truly given us motivation to spread the gospel with anyone we can. We just want to let you know to continue fighting the good fight brother, never give up on Jesus.

Domingo & Francisca Rodriguez

My friend and I decided to come that Friday morning with 3 kids. We had no hotel accommodations but we trusted that God would provide and He did. We had our accommodations taken care of upon arrival. It was truly a miracle that we will never forget. We were so thankful that HE PROVIDED.  In addition, on the way driving, we witnessed a car accident that we easily could’ve been apart of. An armored truck crashed right in front of us and ended up facing the opposite direction toward oncoming traffic. GOD PROTECTED US.


It’s been a blessing being out there

Jojo Beats